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Poetry is a state close to that of childhood. A poet tries to reach the "missing part". Writing, creating is akin to being able to play, to be entirely present.  Like a child, a poet is beyond time. He plays with the invisible inside us. A poem is like words displayed, words which often touch the deepest part, where all is freedom. A poem is a voice and that is its strength. Every other kind of writing can be disguised, as you do to a face, but a voice, as we know, cannot be altered. We have to make do with the very voice we have been given.The voice we hear, deep inside, is not the one others hear. The same goes for poetry. It comes from within and is therefore heard differently. To tell the mystery of words in the simplest way, to be messengers of the invisible. Every poem is the fruit of contemplation. A poet is born initiated.... As poetic writing cannot be the wish to exert control on oneself and on life. It is a release, it connects us to everything. It is the powerful breath life injects in us and acts like a charm.

Christine Deguette 
Christine was born in Nantes, France. After graduating from the Faculté des Lettres with a degree in English, she moved to Scotland where she has been living most of her adult life. Her career involvement has been in Education. No longer teaching French in Secondary Schools, or supporting youngsters in difficulty she now happily devotes her time to her passions in no special order: her love for Languages, tutoring French and developing Language teaching at the Open University, friendships, walking, reading, and exploring the world of creativity, without forgetting her partner and her three daughters!